"Following God’s Man is actually following God."

"They will stay with God even if it gets them killed."

"These servants of God were loyal unto death."

The following quotes by Gerald R. Flurry are all taken from literature published by the Philadelphia Church of God.  Please visit the web site referenced at the bottom of this page for more information on these publications and how to obtain them:


You, as a member of God's Philadelphia Church, must develop deep respect and love for the PCG ministry.  The PCG ministry is made up of faithful, dedicated men.  There are not many of us.  [EN pg. 21p2]


The prophecies show that the PCG is moving into more difficult times.  The times are going to require that we all have a more refined sense for government and authority.  We must not forget that we are in a war with Satan and wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12).  The time coming is going to require that orders be completed speedily.  When an army is in the heat of battle -- under intense fire -- there is not a lot of time for negotiating and debate!  Soldiers who want to debate and negotiate while in a fight become casualties.  [EN pg. 38p4]


The Bible is clear on the fact that the PCG is going to be surrounded by enemies.  We need to set our hearts now to not be afraid or flee from the fights ahead of us.  Should such people as we flee?  We are God's special treasure (Mal. 3:17).  We have a great job to do for God.  Whom should we fear?  [EN pg. 67p2]


Following God’s Man is actually following God.  [TP pg. 11p5]


God’s Ministers have the responsibility not only to support God’s prophet, but also help God’s people see that they also need to support him – passionately!  [TP pg. 11 bottom]


The people urgently need to back that one man ... [TP pg. 18 bottom]


God’s people must understand this office so they can support it.  [TP pg. 19p5]


And my job and your job is to passionately support this office of God.  [TP pg. 22p3]


They rejoice in the honor of following the man whom God is using.  [TP pg. 29p5]


Remember, when God places a man in charge, He gives that individual something extra spiritually – an added power to lead God’s people.  That places him at an advantage, prompting the people to look to him.  [TP pg. 62p4]


As we get into more trouble, they will really think we are crazy!  But we simply are giving ourselves passionately to God ... [TP pg. 88p5]


There will be decisions made where we’ll have to know that God is using “the elder.”... I am “the elder” in this end time.  How much will you rely on “the elder”?  [TP pg. 94p9,10, 95p1]


What is wrong with people who don't really want to be close to God and His ministry?  If you're not close to them, how can they help you remain loyal and loving toward God's government?  [TP pg. 95p1]


You have to know God to recognize the messenger he sends, and to believe in him.  Because it takes deep conviction to stand up and do battle!  You must know this is the man God has sent.  [TP pg. 116p3]


You won’t fight alongside someone who says he has a message from God if you don’t really know God and know He sent that man!  [TP pg. 116p4]


So it is very important that we all fully support that prophet.  But at the same time, deeply understand we are following God, not a man.  [TP pg. 120p4]


This means that each minister and member must also develop a strong headquarters focus.  Division begins once the focus is taken off headquarters.  [EN pg. 33p1]


They don't have a headquarters mentality today!  The people who will be at headquarters in God's kingdom are the people who have a strong headquarters focus now.  [EZ pg. 113p3]



Ministers and members in far-flung areas must keep their headquarters focus.  Losing that focus is their biggest danger.  [EZ pg. 116p4]


Can we clearly see how having a headquarters mentality today leads right into being part of the headquarters temple in the world tomorrow?  [EZ pg. 116p5] 


They will stay with God even if it gets them killed.  [EZ pg. 116p2]  


Look at the work God is now raising up!  God has given us 160 acres because He wants us to build!  Christ is preparing us to build throughout the world tomorrow – and we will one day finish building the universe!  We can raise up these ruins because we are empowered by the great God!  This is a prophecy about us!  We're raising up the tabernacle of David like it was in the days of old, the days of Herbert W. Armstrong.  We keep on raising up those ruins even if we have to fight in court to do so!  If we have to go so far as to face death, I hope and pray that we remain loyal to this cause.  [EZ pg. 117p3]


You can be absolutely sure that there still are sons-of-Zadok ministers to lead you to God ... Follow those men ...  [EZ pg. 118p1]


God wants us to deeply understand how highly He values our unswerving loyalty!   [EZ pg. 129p3]


God uses one-man leadership.  He reveals to only one man.  Then "they" who follow this man keep the truth that God reveals.  [RBR pg. 7p1]


Our lives must revolve around that great cause – to the extent that we would die for it if necessary. ... We must conquer our fears.  We win in the end – regardless of what happens to us today! ... A martyr is one who dies for a cause. ... It is conceivable that you could also become a martyr.  [RBR pg. 8p2,5,7,8]


So when you decide to be a “witness” for Jesus Christ, you need to know what that means. ... These servants of God were loyal unto death.  [RBR pg. 9p4,5]


It says those who held this testimony, "after [Christ's] example have proved the strength and genuineness of their faith in Christ by undergoing a violent death."  [RBR pg. 9p6]


You're not going to be the same person after we get through this.  [G. Flurry sermon, The Mantle of Elijah part II, 3/8/03, tape1:side2]


We really have to love this world and be willing to sacrifice our lives for it.  Just give our lives to it.  That's why we're here.  [G. Flurry sermon, The Mantle of Elijah part II, 3/8/03, tape2:side1]


The court case is gonna make us a changed people and we're going to know, because of this miracle and all of these wonderful, amazing outcomes God has given us, that He will give us anything, if we fight - anything[G. Flurry sermon, The Mantle of Elijah part II, 3/8/03, tape2:side1]


And Christ wants to know what His wife's going to do.  Do you really love me?  Do you love me, God says, are you Philadelphians?  Philadelphians do.  Laodiceans don't.  And they'll die for God.  That's certainly what they'll do, if that is required. (G. Flurry sermon, Disfellowshipping in God's Family of Love, 1/3/98)


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