Magnifying Himself


"In fact, 'king' and 'counselor' apply to the office I hold."

"There is a spiritual Throne of David in God’s Church today."


The following quotes by Gerald R. Flurry are all taken from literature published by the Philadelphia Church of God.  Please visit the web site referenced at the bottom of this page for more information on these publications and how to obtain them:


Mr. Armstrong had an intimate relationship with God too -- in a way we do not have.  Presently, I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly; you are, however, indirectly.  This has to do with the man to whom God is giving the revelation.  God gives the revelation to a man and has the Church look to that man.  Then God holds that man very accountable.  Because it is through him and the revelation God gives him that we get to know God intimately.  [RV Sept./Oct. 2000, pg. 6]


Following God’s Man is actually following God.  [TP pg. 11p5]


The Church today will truly unify only by rallying around this throne through a man. ... There is a spiritual Throne of David in God’s Church today.  [TP pg. 12 bottom, 13p1]


Why would God want to focus more on the office of “that prophet” now?  [TP pg. 19p5]


So I also believe it is now time that God wants to magnify my office.  [TP pg. 20p2]


God placed me into the office of a prophet.  The fruits of new prophetic revelation and a work to declare the message prove who I am.  [TP pg. 21 bottom]


In fact, “king” and “counselor” apply to the office I hold.  [TP pg. 34p1]


Today, there is a watchman whom God Himself set, and to whom God gave words from His own mouth.  [TP pg. 38 bottom]


This prophet ... He speaks for God.  Here is a clear statement that God sends a “thus saith the Lord God” through one man – His watchman, or prophet.  The man speaks for God!  [TP pg. 43p2]


God’s most important office on this earth.  [TP pg. 45 bottom]


We must elevate ourselves to where God exalts us.  [TP pg. 46 bottom]


Mr. Armstrong and I each have been used to fill the role of lawgiver to God’s Church and the world.  [TP pg. 52p5]


His man, His lawgiver – that prophet. ... He can give His lawgiver something you don’t have ... God has given me that same advantage He gave Mr. Armstrong.  [TP pg. 55p2,3,6]


That prophet – one voice.  I began to knock for Christ.  He was speaking to them through me.  [TP pg. 57 bottom]


That spiritual food, however, comes only through that prophet and Malachi’s Message. ... It is only through me that the Laodiceans can hear Christ’s voice today!   [TP pg. 58p4]


I didn’t receive this message from man!  I was taught it by revelation from Jesus Christ!  [TP pg. 61p1]


Remember, when God places a man in charge, He gives that individual something extra spiritually – an added power to lead God’s people.  That places him at an advantage, prompting the people to look to him.  [TP pg. 62p4]


My office must be a type of the Elisha office.  But God does not refer to me as Elisha.  I believe that is because that prophet is typed by so many other prophetic offices.  [TP pg. 68p6]


If we magnify God’s office, then we can do this work and save people!  [TP pg. 69p4]


Like Paul, I will continue to magnify my office that I might save some. ... The ministers have to magnify this office ... God’s ministers must understand this concept deeply and lead God’s people to magnify my office – which is really God’s office.  [TP pg. 70p1,2,3]


He would be an inspired prophet – that prophet, to be more specific.  I am fulfilling that office today.  [TP pg. 74p5]


You can hear God’s voice spoken through a man – that prophet.  [TP pg. 76p6]


He’s called “that prophet” because he gives new prophecy from every prophetic book in the Bible! ... And I have been the conduit for revelation from all the major and minor prophets, Colossians, Lamentations, Daniel, Revelation, the former prophets and other books.  All this prophetic revelation has come from God through THAT PROPHET.  [TP pg. 78p2]


Eliakim is actually a type of my office. ... Eliakim is a father...

You need also to come into God’s true Church with Malachi’s Message and other new revelation God has given me.  In that sense, I am a father.  Given the importance that God places on the father in the God family vision, doesn’t it seem logical that He would give us a father-type today? ...  The job makes that man a father to those people.  [TP pg. 80p2, 86p3,5, 87p1]


“And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father’s house” (Isa. 22:23). ... God will make this Eliakim as a “nail in a sure place.” ... “And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father’s house”... All the glory hangs on Eliakim ... That is quite a lot of glory!  We have it all! ... It also says that all of this glory hangs on the office of one man.  We must make sure God has established that man.  If He has, there is a lot of glory there.  [TP pg. 88p4,5,6, 89p3,5]


There is abundant rain coming from a teacher of righteousness – or that prophet. ... It says God has spoken to this man.  That does put me in a different category.  [TP pg. 110p4, 111p5]


A man must deliver this message, and cause the whole world to drink it. ... I must cause all the nations to drink this message.  [TP pg. 113 bottom, 114 top]


Think on “the feet of him” – some man ... We need to see the beautiful feet of “him” – the one bringing revelation ... God actually wants us to focus on this “him”... Not only should we see the man ... but also notice his feet. ... Look at the beautiful feet of him.  [TP pg. 117p4,6,7, 118p3]


So it is very important that we all fully support that prophet.  But at the same time, deeply understand we are following God, not a man.  [TP pg. 120p4]


The whole world ought to be looking to God’s man.  [EZ pg. 7p1]


Who is this watchman -- this prophet?  Haven't I given you revelation about Ezekiel and all the prophetic books?  Almost every book and booklet I have written is filled with revealed prophecy.  Has anyone else done that?  Is revealed prophecy present in any of the Laodicean churches?  Do they even have a smattering of the new revelation which God has rained down on His people through me?  They have no new revelation.  [EZ pg. 27p3]


That means you must have God’s government  -- headed by a leader like Mr. Armstrong ... [DUAL pg. 29 bottom]


After all we are right, God is with us, and everybody else is wrong and they're going to have to see that.  [G. Flurry sermon, The Mantle of Elijah part II, 3/8/03, tape2:side1]


I don't care what you think or what you believe -- I'm eating from the tree of life.  I'm going to rule with Jesus Christ, and it doesn't make one whit of difference to me what you believe, or what you think of me.  [June 1995 Ministerial Conference -- From the Beginning; also on 1995 FT video]

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